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What Is Search Engine Optimization Services & What Can SEO Do For Your Website?

The sole purpose of  search engine optimization for your website is to drive targeted buyers or traffic to your site, then to convert those potential buyers into sales and repeat customers. To do this, you need to be on the first page of Google search. There’s a lot more to it than just ranking or getting your website on the first page though.

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Google SEO Booster Website Analysis

We will focus solely on the products and or services that you want to sell more of. Ideally this would have the highest profit margin for you.

We’ll do a complete analysis of your website as well as your competitors, and make recommendations to you based on that data, to help you get your your website on to page one of Google search.

We’ll look at where you’re currently ranking for your best product/service, and focus on targeted or buying keywords, (customer intent keywords).

How Long Does It Take SEO Services To Take Effect?

We offer a 90 day guarantee, where we will run a campaign for 90 days. If your website isn’t on page one at the end of the 90 day period, we’ll run the campaign for up to a year for free. Contact us now so we can help your website to qualify.

Traditional Online Marketing Services & What You Can Expect

Things should be really simple. You build a fantastic website. You put all your products in there, you tell your customers how fantastic it is, people should come and they should become customers. They should either buy from your website. Go to your shop and purchase from there. It’s not really that simple and it doesn’t quite work out that way.

So What Is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. What it means is setting up your website accordingly and optimizing it to make sure it shows up on the search engines, and then to make sure it has high authority on those search engines for people to find it, which drives traffic, which then you can convert, which turns into customers. Which can bring you those sales that you want.

So if you’ve built a really good solid website, you’ve got all your products and your pricing is good. Your solutions are great for your customers. But you’re finding that things aren’t quite working out. You’re not getting the sales. Well, then you need to look at the traffic, right? Are you getting enough traffic? If you look at your website analytics and you see that you’re not getting the traffic and every thing else looks good to you, then you need search engine optimization seo for your website.

Did you know there are about 200 ranking factors that Google considers?

Now, search engine optimization is not easy. Google says there are about 200 things it takes into account when ranking a website or a web page. Now nobody in SEO does 200 things right? We like to keep things simple, and it’s really important that you think of this in simple terms as well. It comes down to traffic. If you have a shop on the main street where you have a web store or whatever it might be, if you don’t have traffic and you don’t have footfall, it’s very hard for you to make sales.

Increasing search engine traffic

So that’s what we focus on when we look at search engine optimization, is how do we generate that traffic that’s going to allow you to convert and make sales? Search engine optimization at PinPoint Local, we concentrate on two factors. The first thing is on page optimization, so taking your website on, we must be sure to have a really clear understanding and analysis of what keywords you need to rank for. This is what’s called ‘keyword research’.
Search Engine Optimization Review
Our seo company team at PinPoint Local has been doing keyword research for over 13 years and we concentrate on intent keywords, purchase or buyer intent keywords, local keywords, high volume keywords, low volume keywords and question keywords. What we see as really important for search engine optimization, is that we concentrate on a mix of keywords. So we get a wide range of all these different keywords.

Keyword Variety For First Page Search Results

You may talk to somebody about search engine optimization services, and they will look at maybe the top three or four key words at that, you want to rank your site for because with the highest volumes there that they are high volume or high traffic keywords. But that will mean it could take six or eight months or more before you see any return on investment in your search engine optimization services campaigns. So what we do is we take a variety of keywords and so we’re looking at all those other ones that I mentioned earlier.

Increasing Keyword Volume To Increase Your Online Presence

Of course, we would have some high search volume keywords in there. We’ll have some low volume keywords in there. Some customer buyer intent keywords in there, and using that mix, we will always work towards getting to those high volume/high traffic keywords in that six to eight month period. But in the meantime, we’re going to be able to show results all the way through the exercise, so you’ll start to see your rankings start to increase for those long tail keywords and lower volume keywords early on in the undertaking, that means that every month you’re going to see increases in the rankings for those certain keywords, and every month you’re going to see increases in traffic.
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Link Building For Search Engine Marketing With Back Links

In the first few months, there’ll be small incremental increases, but you’ll be able to see that, and we’ll report back to you every month, with a monthly report. The second thing we’re going to look at is building the authority and trust of your websites with link building, also known as back links.. As far as the search engines are concerned. How do we do that? We do that using back links. So we build back links to your website. But must be very careful in how we do this. As we say, our seo company been doing this for 13 years, so we build a variety of back links as well.

your local website with local search engine optimization equals more phone calls for your business

Are Backlinks Important For SEO?

So we’re looking at quality, high authority back links, lower authority back links some industry related (relevant to your industry) authority back links as well, because it’s very important to have that mix. So Google looks at back links differently across many different websites. And so, for example, if you were in a construction business and you get back links from a very high authority automation website that will not be as good as getting a back link from a higher authority and trusted construction site. And that’s why we need to ensure that those back links are coming from a trusted source that’s related to your industry as well.

Is SEO a short term plan or a long term plan?

Search engine optimization is a long term plan. It’s a cumulative effect. It doesn’t all happen in one month or two months. So you will pay for search engine optimization, and you will see the cumulative effect over time. Rankings increasing, traffic increasing , bottom line business increasing, now you get the point. Then, for that return on investment becomes a positive return on investment for you. And so you’ll be getting much more business than you’re paying in search engine optimization each month.
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When Should I Stop Monthly SEO For My Website?

Now, at some point, you could even decide that you want to turn off your monthly search engine optimisation. That doesn’t mean you lose all your rankings straight away, so it’s not like paid advertising in that way. Your rankings would still stay there now for a certain period of time. At some point, your rankings would probably start to drop off again, but it’s just really important to understand. In search engine optimisation. It’s a long term cumulative strategy, so we don’t promise that you’re going to have those high volumes of traffic straight away, as soon as you start a search engine optimisation campaign.

Search Engine Services Activities

As we said, it’s a cumulative effect and it does take some time. But you will see those increases in the high volume/traffic keywords over time. It will take some months, but you will see that, so we will be able to track for you how many calls are coming from our SEO services activities. We’ll also be able to track for you how many forms are being filled in from your website, how many inquires you’re getting from our  SEO services activity.

When You Have A Search Engine Optimized Website

When this cumulative effect happens, when you’re generating traffic and you’re generating phone calls, and you’re generating inquiries through your website, and therefore generating customers, this allows you then to relax, not to worry or wonder about where your next customer is coming from, and you’ll be able to take the time to concentrate on running your own business, and doing what you do really well, which is running your business, leaving the rest of us.